Ferro Building & Renovations
Ferro Building & Renovations

  • Taking Care of Your Roof, Tiles, & Gutters

     Prevent damages from becoming worse. Ferro Building & Renovations in Freehold, New Jersey, offers roof installation and tile repair to fix minor and major problems that could affect the whole structure of your home. We also have licensed plumbers, HVAC technicians, and licensed electricians available. In addition, we offer building code corrections. 

    Interior & Exterior Repairs

     Interior home improvement includes any repair, remodeling, construction, or maintenance task from your attic to your basement. Maintaining your home's exterior can significantly enhance its functionality and efficiency, as well as curb appeal. We repair and maintain the following:

    Gutters | Drainages | Sidewalks & Driveways | Exterior Additions | Roofing

    Paint & Tile Repairs

     If you need a quick home makeover but have a limited budget, we can do a simple paint job to redefine the whole house or just one room. We can handle all types of tile installations and repairs in your kitchens, bathrooms, and walkways. This is suitable for cracked or chipped tiles. 

    Roofing & Siding

     Siding is the most visible part of your home from the street. We can replace worn or faded siding to refresh the look of your property. Additionally, we can help you decrease heating and cooling costs by adding energy-efficient insulated siding and home wraps. We have the widest choices of roofing type, color, and style. 

    Foundation Repair & Waterproofing

    One of the primary foundation repairs we offer is waterproofing basements. A wet basement may reduce the value of your home by as much as 25%. Let us help you protect your home through floor waterproofing, flood restoration, and concrete waterproofing. Other foundation repair services we offer include:

    Mold Remediation | Mold Removal | House Mold Removal | General Foundation Repair